[PIONA/LHA/RGA] [ASTM D-5134/Gasohol/NGA]
[Permanent Gas Analyzer] [TOGA/LOWOX analyzer]

1. PIONA Analyzer

- For group-Type analysis of Petroleum napthas and related samples
- Two standard modes : PIONA and PINA

2. LHA (Light Hydrocarbon Analyzer)

- Analyzes C1 - C4 hydrocarbon isomers in various matrics
- Applications

Acetylene analysis
Propylene analysis
Methylacetylene analysis
Cyclopropane analysis
Oxygenates analysis

3. RGA (Refinery Gas Analyzer)

- Compositional analysis of various gaseous samples
- Applications : C1 - C6, O2, N2, CO, CO2, CS2, H2S and H2

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